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Custom Kente Stoles

Thank you for your interest in custom kente cloth stoles. We provide fully customized kente stoles for order quantities of 50 or more units. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete a custom order. If you only need a few custom kente stoles or you are short on time, you can select one of our ready-to-ship customizable kente stole options located here [Customizable Kente Stoles] and have them embroidered at your local embroidery shop after receiving them.



Our fully customized kente cloth stoles are completely made by hand. Even the letters are embroidered by hand, as such it takes 4 - 6 weeks to deliver custom orders. 


  • $19.95/stole for designs with custom text only (no custom symbols or shapes) (minimum 50 stoles)
  • $24.95/stole for designs with custom symbols and text (minimum 50 stoles)

Your order will ship free and includes free shipping insurance! 

Our Custom Kente Stole Process

  1. To begin your custom order please print and fill out our order form then scan or take a picture of it. Send the completed form to us using the contact form below
  2. After receiving your order form we will send you an invoice. Once payment or signed purchase order (net 30) is received we will begin work on your stoles
  3. It will take 4-6 weeks after payment is received to complete the stoles

Scan or photograph the completed order form and submit it below (hint: click the paperclip icon to attach the order form)

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