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This is absolutely perfect. Perfect! The stitching looks very nice. Very authentic. Very well made. It is also the perfect length. I tried it on as soon as it arrived!

Barry B.

Absolutely beautiful. It arrived early - just in time for a Prayer Breakfast. It came with a certificate of authenticity and a daily prayer booklet.

Sherry J.

PERFECT.... I love the white stitching in it because it has like a sparkly look to it and it's the right royal blue color.. I am very pleased and I cannot wait to wear it proudly when I graduate with my Master’s degree next month!!!!!! 

Ms. Moxley

Watch How We Hand-weave Your Stole

Kente Stoles are 100% hand-woven. Even the embroidery and letters are made by hand. Watch a cool clip showing how the letters are embroidered as the cloth is woven!