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Zeta Phi Beta Graduation Stole
Zeta Phi Beta Graduation Stole
Zeta Phi Beta Kente Cloth Graduation Stole
Zeta Phi Beta symbol on kente cloth meaning
Zeta Phi Beta stripes on kente cloth meaning
Sankofa Edition Zeta Phi Beta Kente Stole packaging

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Kente Graduation Stole Paraphernalia

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This is the perfect paraphernalia to wear on your graduation day, wedding or speaking engagement to honor the distinct role Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. sorority has played in not just your college experience but also your life journey. Just because you’re graduating doesn’t mean you’re no longer a member of your organization and this stole is the perfect way to carry the legacy with you after your education is over. 

This royal blue stole is carefully handwoven to perfection and features meticulously hand-stitched white 'ΖΦΒ' lettering. The whole weaving process can sometimes take a Master Kente Weaver up to 4 hours to complete.

Be sure that you are wearing genuine Handwoven Kente Cloth by buying directly from us. This Sankofa Edition™ Brand Kente Stole is made in Ghana and provides income to hundreds of skilled workers. Each package includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Sankofa Edition logo medallion sticker.

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I loved the stole!

I ordered my stole Saturday and did the express shipping! It arrived Monday! I loved it and the quality was great! Thank you so much! This is a great company to do business with! You were a blessing and very affordable.

- Jasmine

Thank you very much!!
Zeta phi till the day I die !!

I love it!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much!!

Yes I love it!

Thank you!!
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Kente Stole

Package came a lot quicker than I thought. Would order again. Thank you!

You are welcome!

I’m in love. Definitely what I expected!

Glad to hear that!