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Where to Get a Graduation Stole

Finding the right academic stole is a great way to make your graduation a more personalized experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect one for your ceremony.

Online stores provide graduation stoles in both the traditional and front-facing, V-style versions. Most offer several popular designs, everything from honorable distinctions (like valedictorian honors), to simpler stoles displaying the class year.

Some stores will specialize in a specific stole types, such as Kente or military stoles, or Greek stoles for fraternities and sororities. Many of those will offer a customization service, or offer stoles that you can later customize yourself with embroideries and iron-on letters.

Many students, whether for traditional or customization purposes, choose to make their own stoles. Making a stole from scratch only requires a length of fabric and some basic sewing skills, and while it’s not as popular a practice as it once was, it allows for the most unique and customizable options. 

Before you purchase or make your own stoles, check with your classmates and faculty to see if there is a group or school-sponsored effort behind the graduation stoles. If you’re involved with a club or sports team for example, there may already be a plan to purchase and wear a specific stole.

If there isn’t an organized effort for the stoles, you can propose one! Many students have worked with in organizing their very first Donning of the Kente Ceremony; a simple but very touching experience.

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