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When Should I Apply for Graduation?

Applying for graduation is a bit of an interesting concept. Students may think “Why do I have to apply when it’s clear I have all the credits required completed?” Essentially, universities have a whole lot of students to keep up with so by requiring you to apply for graduation, they are able to easily keep track of who is ready to graduate rather than having to go through loads of information on each student themselves. So, when should you apply for graduation? 

The first thing that must be considered is when you plan to graduate. Most universities are guaranteed to offer fall and spring graduations while some may also offer winter and summer graduations. Here is an approximation of each deadline for each semester: Fall graduation deadlines are around early to mid-October, winter deadlines are around late October, spring deadlines are around mid to late March, and summer deadlines are around early July. Now, because every school is different it’s best to check your university’s academic calendar and apply as early as possible to get it out of the way.

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