Top 12 Graduation Photo Ideas

#12 - Show some school spirit and take some photos with your mascot


#11 - Feature your accomplishments in one awesome photo


#10 - Switch it up with some night-time photos


#9 - Show off your graduation cap design


#8 - Add your child to the photoshoot


#7 - Honor those who came before you and inspire others


#6 - Take a photo with your best friend


#5 - Showcase your talent or hobby


#4 - Add your pet to the mix


#3 - Add some smoke for effect


#2 - Don't settle for one - create a reflection portrait showcasing two outfits


#1 - Be daring and do something unique to stand out from the crowd!


Bonus idea - Take things up another level with a Graduation Video of your entire photoshoot! 😊

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