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Know Sankofa™ Blog

  • How is authentic Kente Cloth made?

    Rather than writing a thousand words explaining why authentic Kente Cloth is special, we decided to create a video instead...
  • Why Is Kente Cloth so Special?

    In modern day Ghana, where the tradition of weaving Kente cloth began centuries ago, it's a sign of national and ethnic pride, printed on shoes, bags, and clothing throughout the nation..
  • What is Donning of the Kente?

    During the ceremony, participating students are sometimes marched to the stage in an African-drum led procession, often followed by a stage performance of traditional Ghanaian dance..
  • Who Invented the Kente Cloth?

    While its invention is often attributed to the people of the Ashanti Tribe, the Kente cloth may have instead been invented by the people in the Ewe Tribe, who later shared the tradition with the Ashanti..
  • What do the colors in the kente cloth mean?

    Each color, just like each shape and pattern on the Kente, carries a specific meaning to the wearer of the cloth..
  • What is a kente cloth graduation?

    The first Kente Graduation Celebration was celebrated in 1993, the idea conceived by four staff members at West Chester University..
  • What is the purpose of Kente cloth?

    Each unique shape, pattern and color woven into Kente cloth carries a specific meaning, such as a story, anecdote, or theme. To the people of Ghana, wearing Kente may represent their clan or a specific set of values. I
  • What is a Donning of the Kente Ceremony?

    I think it's important for this particular group of students to be showcased in the light of - I guess the struggle, historically that they've endured. And as an example of what can happen with perseverance.