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  • 6 Quick Tips for Your Resume

    I have a ton of resumes saved on my computer. I have a retail resume, administration resume, journalism resume, and a broadcasting resume. Jack-of-all-Trades you may say; that is because each resume and cover letter has to be tailored to what I’m applying for so I can show how I am the best fit for the job.
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success in Your Last Semester

    Let’s raise a glass to the great times we had freshman year when our biggest concerns included what to wear to class/on campus on our long day “since I’m going to be seen for more than 2 hours” head ahh... Let’s raise a glass to the awesome times we had sophomore year when we were finally able to say, “thank God I’m not a freshman anymore!”
  • Top 8 Job Hunting Tips I Learned After Graduation

    Let me start by saying applying for jobs is stressful. It takes a lot of time, research, and constant updates to your resumes/cover letters; however finding the right position that will challenge you and help you grow makes it all worthwhile. 
  • How to Get an Early Start on Your Career Before Graduation

    No matter what your reasons are for attending college, there’s one primary goal that pretty much everyone can agree on..