How to Decorate a Graduation Cap

The most important stage of decorating your graduation cap is the planning, as there is no do-over once you bring out the hot glue. If you aren’t confident in your crafting skills, you can browse online for downloadable graduation cap designs to use.

If you choose to decorate yourself, first make sure that you know which side of the cap is the front, so your design can be easily seen. Once you have a theme picked out, it is always a good idea to draw a rough draft on a piece of paper to see how it will look.

To find inspiration, think of quotes or movie moments you like. You can also include school colors, puns on your major, or coordinate with friends on a theme. Once you’ve settled on a design, you can find cheap crafting supplies at a dollar or craft store. A glue gun, beads, ribbons, glitter, and gems will make any cap stand out.

Designing on scrapbook paper rather than the actual cap will be easier and will give a polished finish. Color or glitter paper can also be part of the design itself. When cutting the paper to fit your cap, make sure you cut a hole where the tassel will go. You can then hot glue this onto your cap and start decorating.

Decorating your cap will make for a lasting memory, and will be a great way for family members to pick you out in a crowd.

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