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How Do You Take a Good Graduation Picture?

How Do You Take a Good Graduation Picture? 

Your graduation ceremony is a once in a lifetime event.

Here are some steps you can take to make sure you capture the monumental day with the perfect graduation picture:

Know your angles

This means, if you haven’t already, practice your photo in advance! Have a friend or family member take several photos in different poses to see what shot will suit you the best come graduation.

It’s even extra helpful if you can wear your graduation outfit for the practice shoot, leading into the next helpful tip...

Have the right wardrobe

While everyone in the class will wear the same gown and mortarboard hat, honor cords and academic stoles can distinguish you from most of the other graduates, and they’re not just for valedictorians and student council members.

Graduates wear cords or stoles for playing sports, participating in clubs, even volunteering outside of school. Your ethnicity can be represented on your graduation attire as well. Many students of African descent, for example, honor their heritage by donning a Kente stole.

Check with your school’s policy on graduation attire to see what you might be qualified to wear at your ceremony.

Take a lot of pictures

This is a professional tip. The best way to ensure you get the perfect picture is to have several ones to choose from.

Make sure you have lots of photos taken at the event. Sometimes the shots that capture the moment best are the ones taken in between poses.

Invite your friends

Your friends, classmates, and teammates likely played a big role in your school experience. Honor that by inviting your closest ones to pose with you in your graduation photos.

Sadly, this will be your last chance to capture a memory with your closest friends as classmates.

Hire a pro

To make sure they take their best graduation photo, some students will purchase a professional photography session in advance of the ceremony. Many high school students even incorporate these shots with their senior photo shoot.

While it’s more expensive, you can also hire a professional to shoot at the graduation ceremony. You can also check for group rates to share the expense with your friends.

Be proud of yourself

The most important tip for taking a great graduation photo is to show confidence that you’re ready for your next life stage. This event is about your accomplishments, if you smile big and have pride in your stride, it will show through your photos and make them look even more captivating. After taking your photos, post them on social media and tag @sankofaedition so you can be featured on our page!

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