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Do you give flowers to a graduate?

There’s nothing wrong with buying flowers for a graduate, but there are a couple of reasons that another gift would be better suited. Graduation ceremonies are long, crowded, and hectic. Bouquets of flowers will likely spend hours under fold-out chairs or bleachers to protect against passing feet. Pictures and receptions begin once the ceremony concludes, where flowers will be in the way and end up being passed from one person to another.   

Flowers are also temporary, fading within days of the ceremony. Small, thoughtful gifts will be easier to carry around, and will be a more permanent memento to remind the graduate of your support. Money spent on flowers could instead go toward a gift the new graduate can use in the process of becoming independent.             

Gifts can be as small as a picture frame, planner, or something that you make yourself. They can also be personalized and memorable like a graduation stole or function oriented like a set of hand towels. If you are a close friend or family member, you can consider donating money so that the graduate can choose what they need most.        

If you are set on giving the graduate flowers, there are more effective ways than a bouquet at the ceremony. You can schedule a flower delivery to the graduate’s house or apartment the day of the ceremony. A corsage or boutonniere will be easier to incorporate the day of, and can be pressed in an album for a lasting memory.

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